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2022-06-03 23:30:49 By : Mr. Jerry Zhou

The latest Going Medieval update, Animals and Pets, is now live on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. There will be more patch notes coming in the upcoming weeks as more things are added, but right now there's still a lot to go over, such as animal husbandry. Basically, animals can now be named and tamed, with new species being added along with a bunch of other additions. Let's take a look at it, shall we?

Animal husbandry is the largest part of the new update, and it's a pretty big deal. To start, a bunch of new animals have been added: goats, sheep, chickens, dogs, foxes, boars, cows, and rats, with more to come. The animals can be male or female, young and old. They also have a randomized life span and will die upon reaching it. 

Animals have to sleep now, and some animals can be active during daylight hours-like deer-while others-like foxes-are nocturnal. Animals will also get hungry, ignore forbidden orders on food piles, and eat carcasses. They will also mate with one another, although that depends on the number of animals on the map, in the pen, and the sizes of the pens. If the pen is too crowded, the animals will not breed. 

There are three different animal states: Wild, Domestic, and Pets. The wild animals can be tamed, which means settlers with Animal Husbandry turned on will be able to initiate the taming process. Once the tamed is maxed out, the animal will be domesticated. 

New resources include animal feed, which can only be used to feed animals. Each animal will also give some resources upon harvesting, and all animals will give meat and other resources described below:

New buildings include a fermenting station, a trophy rack, a decorative shield rack, and a decorative weapon rack. Nothing too fancy, but the fermentation station in particular will be useful for producing fruit juice, alcohol, and cheese. 

Players should also know that old saves will not work with this update, so players will have to start a new game. Mods should also be disabled for now, and old custom scenarios may not be shown, giving players a warning. To fix this, follow these steps:

Want to see the Going Medieval update in action? Check it out below!

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