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To kick things off for SDCC this year, plush toy company Squishmallows tweeted at Pokémon asking if they would be up for meeting with them.

Hey @Pokemon! Wanna meet up @Comic_Con? #SquishmallowsxPokemon #SDCC #Squishmallows

This may have sounded like a “shoot your shot” moment, but the tweet came with an electrifying silhouette that made Pokémon respond with a resounding “pika-pi,” or rather, “got room in your booth?”

Of course! Got room in your booth? #SquishmallowsxPokemon

The answer? Yes, they do, as revealed by Aaron Margolin, the Pokémon brand manager over at Jazwares.

It’s not just Pikachu! Here’s Wave 1 of our Pokémon Squishmallows!

As someone who routinely spends her money on Squishmallows (because they had a SHARK with GOGGLES), I’m pretty much locked into whatever they announce. However, now that I finally understand the appeal of Pokémon after playing over 100 hours of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, I suddenly find myself wanting hundreds of Poké-plush to squish. Don’t get me wrong, I already liked Pokémon thanks to the anime, but now that I’m playing it? This collaboration is all I’m gonna be talking about for a while – and with a franchise like Pokémon, there truly is an ongoing library of plush that can be made.

So here’s my wishlist, which I’m capping at ten Pokémon, but know that I truly want an entire room full of these critters. Also, know that this is the hardest list I’ve ever written in my entire existence.

And the Eeveelutions, of course, but I figure we gotta start somewhere, right? Eevee just seems like an obvious choice based on popularity and all-around cuteness. Not much to say, Eevee’s just meant to be squished.

I honestly waffled between all the OG starters (note: there was a lot of waffling with this list), but I feel like Bulbasaur would make a really great chonky friend that would also have an extra squishable part with that plant bulb.

I just wanna squish a fire puppy. I have no more notes to add here.

The round birb is practically a Squishmallow already. I can honestly see Rowlet being released in a pretty early wave (not this first one, but one that isn’t too far off from the initial one).

Maybe I’m being biased because this was my starter in Pokémon Legends: Arceus but also? It’s a sea otter WITH FRECKLES!

Honestly, I almost picked Lopunny because I love the design (and love using Lopunny in battle), but with Squishmallows being chonky babies I think Buneary (the Pokémon that evolves into Lopunny) would make more sense. I’d absolutely adore a shiny Buneary for this because it’d be pink!

Like Rowlet, I’m assuming the Jiggly line of Pokémon Squishmallows is coming. That being said, I have a soft spot for Jigglypuff’s evolution, Wigglytuff (it’s the ears, I like the pointy ears).

My most biased choice on the entire list! While Oshawatt was my first starter, Gastrodon became the Pokémon I powered up the fastest in Pokémon Legends: Arceus and the one I never took off my team. I can’t really explain where the attachment came from, I just loved using Gastrodon in battle so I really want to squish one.

Much like Growlithe, I don’t have much to add here. Bidoof is just a cute lump of a Pokémon with a name I love to say.

Did I giggle like a child when I first saw a round seal rolling around on the beach? Yes, yes I did, now I need to be able to snuggle one.

It’s a penguin. I… yeah, it’s a penguin, that’s it. Oh! No, that’s not it, because I’ll take its evolved form, Empoleon, too, please and thank you.

It’ll probably be a while before we get any new Pokémon like the ones revealed for Scarlet and Violet, but when they start rolling those out, I’m gonna need a pig.

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